Are you planning on downsizing or relocating to a new home?  Are you exhausted by even thinking about how stressful that might be?

Think again. You don't need to tackle this alone.



Services We Offer

A la carte relocation services are available to solve big moves - or small.  Whether you simply wish to make your current home less cluttered or move across the country to live closer to adult children, we work with you to make it a reality. Let us create a customized plan to help you move safely & smoothly to your next home. We can help:  
-Arrange & oversee movers
-Create floor plans
-Organize, sort & redistribute goods
-Unpack & put away goods
-Arrange shipments & storage
-Oversee skilled trades people
-Transform spaces into homes

Groups We Serve

Our main client is always the senior who is relocating - but there are a host of other important people who may also be involved: -Family & friends
-Bank & trust officers
-Senior living communities
-Health care providers
-Estate liquidators
and more....
We manage the project while communicating the details to the many parties involved.  This reduces the stress for all.

What is SAGE?

SAGE.  The word implies several things.  It suggests wisdom acquired through aging.  It is also the herb used in traditional native ceremonies to purify spaces.  As a company, SAGE bridges & honours both meanings. Our mission is to provide stress-free relocation services for seniors & those who love them.  We respect the acquired wisdom of seniors while helping them transition to a home that is part of a new stage in life.