Seasonal Gifts for Seniors

Holidays are on the horizon. Amidst the approaching cheer, a nagging question begins to float in your head. “Is there anything new I can give mom or dad this year?”  You want to delight them, but ran out of bright ideas years ago.  You don’t want to resort to the same predicable gifts that have become holiday staples. Is it even possible at this stage of life to surprise and delight a senior with a novel yet meaningful gift? 

AT SAGE we say YES and we’re here to offer suggestions that are fresh, affordable and easy to store.  As one of our primary services is downsizing, we expend a hefty amount of time helping seniors dispose of items they no longer have space for.  We invite you to fight the urge to add to their collections.  Adopt gift ideas that are space neutral yet guaranteed to evoke a smile.  Here are a few ideas:

The Gift Of Food

Food gifts can be practical, delicious and unique.  Seniors in retirement residences or small homes often have limited kitchen space, capacity to shop or the ability to prepare anything but the most basic meals.  Solve these problems with a custom gift basket brimming with foods your senior loves and has an emotional connection to. Make the time to add baked goods from family favorite recipes to elicit happy memories.  When selecting items, be mindful of dietary restrictions or perishable items.  Smaller appetites mean that perishable items may expire before they can be enjoyed.  

The Gift of Anticipation

Gift cards can be magic!  Small and versatile, they offer the promise of future gifts or experiences to enjoy.  Choose cards wisely to reflect the unique interests and capabilities of your senior. Restaurant, theatre or movie cards can provide a future outing to look forward to and possibly an opportunity to include a guest if you purchase the card with this in mind. When appropriate, include a taxi chit as well so that transportation will never be a problem.

The Gift of Music

Every era has music that evokes memories and joy.  Make a gift of an affordable MP3 player preloaded with music that is unique to the life and times of your senior.  By preloading the music, you make it possible for any senior to simply enjoy the music without having to own and operate a computer.

The Gift of Memories

Shoeboxes are for shoes, not photos.  Yet at SAGE, we regularly find boxes of all description packed with unmarked photos bearing testament to the lives and times of our clients.  Help preserve your senior’s memories by assuming the task of digitizing and organizing some of the collection.  Consider creating a digital book that includes a collage of photos, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs and invitations that they have spent a lifetime saving.

And finally, remember to offer the gift of TIME throughout the year.  The joy of the holidays is lovely but transient.  Remember that the life of the senior you love can be enriched by the regular gift of your companionship throughout the year. 

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” 
― Mark Twain=