Mom's Fur Coat - A Luxury That Wasn't Destined to Live Furever

Not so long ego, fur coats were the ultimate symbol of prosperity, status and attainment of the “North American Dream”.  Not so today.  While Canada was once recognized as a ‘Nation of Trappers’, the product of that trade has now come to be perceived as a social pariah.  In the world of Senior Move Management, this raises a question.  I often work with clients faced with the challenge of selling or finding new purpose for Mom’s furs.

If you’ve tried to sell or find a home for furs lately, you will already know that resale potential is weak-to-non-existent.  The go-to solutions of the recent past include such options as consignment stores, flea markets, e-bay or gifting them to theatrical groups.  Increasingly though, even these options are becoming less viable.

When faced with this challenge, here are a few ideas to consider.  Be aware that you will need to adjust your expectations about monetary value.  The ideas offered below will attract buyers and users who will be offering ‘market value’ for your fur – or accepting them for free:

  • Have the item redesigned.  Companies such as Raw Concepts in Toronto specialize in redesigning furs into contemporary items that are wearable or usable.  This is a great solution when you simply can’t bear the thought of parting with something you love.  Consider transforming it into a throw or pillows that can be enjoyed by family members while honoring the memories associated with the coat and the owner.
  • Appeal to crafters and textile artists.  Use platforms such as kijji or Craigslist to connect with artisans who incorporate fur into items they are creating.  A sub-culture of crafters has emerged who transform fur into items such as footstools, pillows, teddy bears and fashion accessories.
  • Connect with your local animal shelter. You may be surprised to learn that some shelters reuse furs for therapeutic purposes.  The inside of crates can be lined with fur to simulate the look and feel of a mother.  This creates a supportive environment for animals that have been pre-maturely weaned.
  • Attempt to sell it. Although few in number, buyers for fur still exist.  However, they are often suppliers to the crafters listed above and their prices reflect ‘market value’. Cash for Fur Coats falls into this category.

The one truism in life is that the world moves on.  Fashion is never static. Tastes change. The lovely fur coats of yesteryear are now a reflection of a different time, place and values. The best advice in this situation may simply be to reflect on the joy and warmth and memories the furs have provided over the years.   While mom's fur coat may not last forever, with a little planning, the memories certainly may.