It may be your primary home.  It may be your secondary home.  It may even be the home of someone you love.  Either way, you're tapped out for time and can't possibly manage the myriad of details that such a project requires. Leave it to SAGE to handle all aspects of the job while you get on with your life. You don't even have to be on site! No matter where you are, you'll receive regular communication from SAGE summarizing progress and next steps.  Don't be surprised if we send lots of pictures.  We like you to be able to see and enjoy the progress too!

Relax and Focus on the Other Priorities in Your Life.

      We've Got This!

"Thank You!  Thank You!  We couldn't possibly have managed getting the cottage ready for sale without you.  SAGE took command of the project from day 1 allowing us to focus on other priorities in the GTA.  Regular and clear communication from Catherine kept us constantly 'in the know'. Although seldom on site, we developed a deep trust that everything was being handled with the utmost of care." - Client