Family and friends are often the first to recognize the point of change.  They see seniors they love struggling with housing issues that are now impacting their quality of life. Common concerns are:

  • Seniors living in family homes that are now too big, expensive and labour intensive for their needs
  • Increasingly cluttered spaces that pose health and safety hazards
  • Homes that no longer accommodate their specific physical and mental health needs
  • Housing that does not allow seniors to enjoy easy and on-going socialization
  • Lack of access to safe & reliable transportation options 

You're not alone.  During a Complimentary In-House Consultation,  SAGE assesses the client's needs and then outlines an Action Plan in a customized Proposal.  The Proposal will include timelines, pricing and steps required to move the client towards a happier, safer and less stressful living environment.

Relocation can be stressful. For seniors it can be especially traumatic.  Let us make it easier for them & for you!