As the Boomer generation moves through a myriad of housing solutions, they are relying on realtors who understand their unique needs.  Similarly, realtors are relying upon the complimentary services of Senior Move Managers like SAGE to make the transition as successful & stress-free as possible.  This is how SAGE helps realtors:

  • We manage all aspects of the the move; you focus on the sales & marketing. This optimizes your valuable time.  
  • We reduce the STRESS for all stakeholders by increasing the efficiency of the relocation process.  This increases the likelihood of a satisfactory move, a happy client & a glowing referral.
  • We provide critical momentum & coordination to launch the project, keep it on track, capture & report the details & see it through to a successful conclusion.
  • Timelines are met and the opportunity for a satisfied client and s strong referral are increased
  • We provide trust & peace of mind through working with a partner that is fully insured & a member of the National Association of Move Managers (NASMM)