As a Realtor, you focus on a sector of the market that requires the provision of exceptional service, professionalism and client discretion.  SAGE embodies these same attributes. Think of us as your trusted partner in preparing homes for sale, managing their contents and guiding your clients through a stress-free move. Our commitment to exceptional service includes the following benefits for Realtors:

  • Managing all aspects of the the move allowing you focus on marketing and selling the property and optimizing your valuable time.  
  • Reducing the STRESS for all stakeholders by increasing the efficiency of the relocation process. This increases the likelihood of a satisfactory move, a happy client and a glowing referral.
  • Providing critical momentum and coordination to launch the project, keep it on track, capture and report the details and see it through to a successful conclusion.
  • Setting and meeting budgets and critical timelines  
  • Providing trust and peace of mind to you and your client. SAGE is fully insured, trained and a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)
“SAGE undertook an enormous job for my client. The scope of work expanded so that the original estimate of 6-weeks morphed into a 6-month project. Throughout it all, Catherine and her crew were calm, polite and so incredibly helpful while undertaking a particularly difficult job. I would recommend SAGE to anyone needing help to make a major change in lifestyle – they’re fabulous!” Realtor