Why would a Realtor or homeowner decide to use staging services?   Let the facts speak for themselves:

  • Buyers won’t buy what they cannot see. 90% of prospective buyers report they cannot visualize the creative potential for a space.
  • Staged homes sell 2 to 3 times faster than unstaged spaces.
  • Staged homes attract offers that are up to 6% higher than an unstaged comparable.

The ideal time to talk to us is BEFORE you take listing photos.  SAGE offers 3 levels of staging solutions to meet your budget and help your house present the strongest possible first impression! All solutions are created under the direction of the owner Catherine, who brings her Degree and experience in Interior Design to bear on each solution.

Often we are able to work magic with your own collection of things.  However, should the job warrant it, we can arrange for rental of suitable furnishings and accessories. 

Let SAGE stage your property to help you increase the sale price, decrease your days on the market and move your life forward faster.