SAGE is both a word - and a concept.  As an adjective, SAGE refers to wisdom accumulated with age and experience.  As a noun, SAGE is a vital herb used by native cultures to cleanse and purify spaces.  As a service, SAGE provides relocation services to a multitude of clients - each with their own unique needs. 

As the owner and founder of SAGE, Catherine Gissing recognized the opportunity to provide service throughout Northumberland County & the many neighbouring communities east of Toronto.  This is an area experiencing increasing demand from retirees, corporate escapees and those seeking recreational or luxury properties.  The natural beauty and solitude of the County and its lakeside views is unparalleled. Factor in the close proximity to the GTA and you'll understand why this is an area of up and coming demand. 

Catherine's background is a hybrid of corporate sales, marketing, philanthropy & interior design.  Experience gained in each of these disciplines contributes equally to the operation of SAGE.  Like many, Catherine learned the value of Move Management through personal experience with senior family members. Recognizing the life-changing value that it provided, she now gets her 'psychic energy' from offering it to others in similar times of need.